Provision and Operation of Computer-based Test Center Facilities

This is an activity that the Company has traditionally been involved in, and in which it has over time developed significant expertise. In partnership with the global leader in computer-based test center provision Prometric, the company exclusively operates the Prometric Test Centers in Athens and Thessaloniki, with twelve, and six seats respectively, while it also operates a further ETS (Educational Testing Services)Test Center that delivers the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) with a total of 20 seats in Athens.

Through the Prometric test Centers such diverse tests as the GRE, the PMI, and the USMLE, and the European Union EPSO tests, to name but a few, are exclusively tested.

The test centers are technology-intensive, and require state-of-the-art infrastructure, while the actual testing process is particularly rigorous and follows international standards, with their compliance being continuously monitored and thoroughly evaluated.