ATHINAIKES INTEGRATED HOSPITALITY SERVICES is the umbrella brand of all the ATHINAIKESN REAL ESTATE INVESTMENTS S.A. tourism and hospitality related activities.

ATHENIAN INTEGRATED HOSPITALITY SERVICES offers a comprehensive portfolio of brands ranging from incoming services, to exclusive villas rental, to hotel management, marketing and promotion, and operations.

The brands include:

ATHENIAN DESTINATION SERVICES, the incoming and Destination Management provider offering a wide range of services aiming at serving visitors in the greater Athens area and beyond, including the much sought after island world of the Aegean Archipelago, and the mainland with its cultural and natural diversity, a never-ending surprise even to the most experienced traveler. For more information visit here.

ALLABOUTVILLAS, the brand serving the high end of the market with its exclusive offering of villas in amazing locations of carefully selected destinations. Each property is ‘handpicked’ to ascertain they qualify for even the most demanding traveller, while they feature a unique character to match the exquisite needs of those wishing to spend the finest days of the year in unparalleled style. For more information visit here.

RESORTEL, the hotel management brand that promotes and operates small and medium-sized hotels in popular tourist destinations across Greece. The brand is based on two distinct concepts, the RESORTEL branded hotels that are fully operated by ATHENIAN INTEGRATED HOSPITALITY SERVICES, or hotels run by their owners, while being marketed and promoted through the ‘inspired by RESORTEL’ brand. For more information visit here.

Whatever the requirement in hospitality ATHINAIKES INTEGRATED HOSPITALITY SERVICES can offer a solution through its portfolio of brands. Visit the one that suits your needs, and ‘be our guest.